Welcome to the 2019 Alaska Cross Content Conference at West High School in Anchorage, AK, October 25th and 26th with follow up activities at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Sunday, October 27th.


Dayna DeFeo

ISER faculty
Dr. Dayna DeFeo joined ISER in 2014 and is currently a research assistant professor and the director of the Center for Alaska Education Policy Research. She holds a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction form New Mexico State University. Dayna's primary research interests include college and postsecondary transitions, particularly in the career and technical fields and for underrepresented populations; teacher turnover, supply, and demand; and representation and hegemony in the curriculum and institutional systems. She is co-presenting with Dr. Sarah Gerken from UAA's Biology Department whose current research interests are centered on Crustaceans, mostly in the order Cumacea, although she has worked with leptostracans and mysids. The majority of Sarah's publications are in taxonomy and systematics, although phylogeny, biogeography, functional morphology and ecology are enduring interests. Dr. Andrew Bibler, an ISER economist, also supported the project. His research interests include the economics of education, labor economics, and public economics.